“So you want to talk about race” Episode 3

Here’s the third video of my book study of “So you want to talk about race?” by Ijeoma Oluo. It’s about four and a half minutes long, and in it I discuss chapters 4 and 5 of the book, in which the author talks about “white privilege” and “intersectionality.”

Book study: “So you want to talk about race?” Episode 1

Because of the uproar over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, many people want to learn more about race and racism. Bishop Rickel recommended this book for study, and I’m going to do a series of short videos as I read through the book. Each video will cover one or two chapters and be four or five minutes long. I invite you to join me in this book study!

Thank you for your support

At our May BC meeting, we found that contributions to St. Antony’s were about the same as last year at this time. This video contains my thanks for all who support our parish.