Like every congregation in our dioceses, our country we are recovering from the pandemic and attempting how the new normal will look for us and for The Church overall.   We have people who like attending online and have not yet returned to worshiping in person.  We have others who could not wait and join us for every opportunity.

St. Antony’s has also had some unique experiences.  We had just relocated and moved into our new worship space shortly before the shutdown.  In many ways since the end of 2021 when we slowly started to ‘reopen’ everything we’ve done has had sense of newness to it and that has been exciting.

Over the past year, our average Sunday attendance (ASA) has slowly grown, and we are approaching the numbers we experienced pre-Covid.  We have new members and there’s a feeling of new life at St. Antony’s.  We have had held the social events that we put on hold for two years.

As we continue in the time of transition, in our process of calling our next vicar, we look forward with excitement.  We realize that the possibilities are endless for this congregation,and we continue to look for new ways to serve God by serving our neighbor and to be the light of Christ in Silverdale / North Kitsap County community.

In the Fourth Gospel, when Jesus is asked where He was staying, He simply replied, “Come and see.”  We invite you to Come and See and we hope, like those who had asked Jesus, you will stay and be part of the work to which the Holy Spirit has called each of us.

Prayers and blessings for your journey.