Tony’s Trekkers

Trekkers 2016

Tony’s Trekkers is an eclectic group of members and friends of St. Antony’s who enjoy each other’s company and the outdoors in hikes of varying difficulty throughout the year.

Tony’s Trekkers 2018 Hiking Schedule

Date                                                Hike                     Difficulty/Miles  Trail Boss

1/17/2018         Wed PM Buck Lake Trail Easy Ann Daniels
2/19/2018         Monday         U of W Stairclimb Moderate Robin Glass
3/21/2018         Wed               Grand Forest B I Moderate Ruth Lindstrum
4/18/2018         Wed                Pine Lake Moderate Phil Glass
5/16/2018  Tues-Thurs Shi Shi Beach overnight        Moderate Ellen Kraft
6/6/2018          Wed        Camp Handy Moderate Rod/ Marin Mash
6/20/2018  Wed                Lower Big Quilcene Moderate Carol Hamilton
7/16/2018  Monday          Salt Creek    Easy Betty Rankin
8/15/2018  Wed                Spruce Railroad Trail Moderate Bill/Marilyn Bryant   
9/11-9/13/2018    Tues-Thur.      Mt Rainier Sunrise overnight Moderate   Carol Hamilton
9/26/2018        Wed PM                                                  Heritage Park Kingston  Easy     Ann Daniels
10/10/2018      Wed               Tubal Cain Moderate Ken Kraft
11/7/2018 Wed                                    Newberry Hill Park   Easy Gary Hicks
12/03/2018      Monday                       Fellowship and Planning  Potluck   FUN Lindstrum


Important—Dates may be changed due to weather or other unforeseen issues. Watch for changes Via email **If you have any questions please contact the Trekker coordinators: Phil and Robin Glass (, 360 779-5570
Or Rod Mash (, 360 437-0853 the St. Antony’s liaison, ***Please keep us updated with any e-mail address changes.

TRAIL BOSSES are responsible for arranging all aspects of the hike; previewing/planning the route and providing this information via email to Robin Glass and Rod Mash describing the hike, meeting time and place. Robin will publicize the information and Rod or Marin will place the information in the St Antony’s newsletter.