Sabbatical Journal: Time with Katy

Sabbatical Journal: Time with Family

Part of the plan for my sabbatical was to spend some quality time with my family. As many clergy families know, the clergy spouse and family are often left behind when the clergy person gets too busy. So part of my sabbatical was meant to visit my family and reconnect with Katy.

In the last week and a half of my sabbatical, I stayed home and spent time with Katy. We went camping at Dungeness State Park, went to a play at Bremerton Community Theater, dined out several times, listened to some good local musicians, accomplished some household tasks together (like cleaning out the tool shed), went to church together at Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and generally enjoyed our time together. Katy’s on a break between teaching terms at South Puget Sound Community College, so we both had some free time.

Having time together was good for us. It allowed us to just hang out together and enjoy each other, and it renewed our bond with each other.