The definition of frustration is “The feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.”

That pretty much sums up my feelings these days. We’ve been waiting for weeks and months for our new building to be finished, but it still hasn’t happened. The reasons are complex and include contractor delays, problems obtaining materials, and the difficulty of scheduling inspections from the County and passing those inspections. The latest delay is due to the County’s insistence that we complete the wood fence that acts as a visual barrier for our neighbors.

The inability to do anything to change the situation is quite frustrating. I thought we would be in the building weeks ago, yet we’re still waiting for the occupancy permit. I don’t even have an office (I’m typing this in my temporary “office” at Starbucks). The building is completely ready for occupancy but we can’t occupy it.

I find that it’s very difficult to be productive without an office. Normally, the office is the place where I have my base of operations including a computer with internet, a phone, a printer, and collaboration with our secretary. Without the stability the office provides, I’m like a wandering nomad. Of course, many things do not depend on the office, such as visits, writing and planning, and I can do them without an office, but the office is the base.

I’m grateful that our parishioners have been quite resilient and flexible. We had to worship outdoors the last two Sundays, and no one complained (having perfect weather helped a lot). But we can’t keep that up forever. We really need to be in the building. So I continue to wait, fussing and stewing over the completion of the fence, and the arrival of the inspectors who will finally sign off on our occupancy.

God, give me patience.