Letter to the parish after the election

November 9, 2016

To members of St. Antony’s,

Last night a long and bitter campaign season was concluded with the election of Donald Trump as our next president. For some, this is a moment of elation and triumph, and for others it’s a time of grief and anguish. Our country has been torn apart by the divisive rhetoric and ugly tone of the campaign.

But it’s important to remember that the mark of a great country is the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. The people have spoken, and now it’s our task to move ahead as a nation. Donald Trump, in his acceptance speech, has promised “to be president for all Americans.”

I hope that we’ll turn our attention to the great work of healing that lies ahead of us. Civility and graciousness are much needed now as we look forward to addressing the problems of our country in this new political landscape.

Please pray for our country in the days ahead. May God watch over our nation and guide us, so that we might be “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”