Bishop’s Committee

The Bishop’s Committee is composed of nine members elected at the Annual Meeting, plus the Vicar. The Bishop’s Committee meets at 6:30 PM on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings are open to all.

Bishop’s Committee Members, with end of term:

The Rev. Bill Fulton, Vicar, Ex Officio
Charles Smith, Bishop’s Warden, January 2018
Heather Carnocki, People’s Warden, January 2020
Beth Rohlfing, Buildings and Grounds, January 2019
John Stockwell, Long Range Planning, January 2020
Loretta McGinley, Parish Life, January 2018
Tovi Andrews, Communications, January 2020
Sarah Rogers, Welcoming, January 2019
Olivia Stalter, Outreach, January 2020
Jim Foley, Treasurer, January 2019
Gail Campbell-Ferguson, Clerk, Ex Officio